Our Loop range presents impressive vase profiles with soft, stylised lines in a wide selection of colours and sizes. With a choice of standard or custom colouroptions, Grow Mode’s Loop range can be fitted with LED internal lighting to enhance various colour combinations and transitions.


  • LP900

    900 x 510 X 510
  • LP700

    700 x 450 X 450
  • LP500

    500 x 410 X 410



product specs

  • LP900 (900 x 510 X 510)

  •  None
  • Brown


  • 100% Recyclable
    To meet green expectations

  • UV Protected
    To meet the needs of extreme weather conditions

  • Easy Clean
    To make general cleaning easier

  • Impact Resistant
    To withstand impact and preventfracture and shattering

  • Lightweight
    To provide easy installation andmovement

  • Colour Retention
    To retain colour over time the colour is permanently mouldedinto every product

  • LED Lighting

    To enhance various colour combinations and transitions

  • Self Watering

    To sustain the lifespan of indoor and outdoor plants

  • Colour Inserts

    To create colour variations that enhance your interior

About Grow Mode

Grow Mode's range of pots and planters are 100 percent recyclable and as green as the plant inside. Our products are durable, impact resistant, lightweight, easy to clean and maintenance free. With a wide range of standard and custom colour options on offer, Grow Mode pots and planters guarantee colour retention against today's harsh climate.

Green is in the air

Attain credits for your premises against the Green Star - Office Interiors rating program from the Green Building Council of Australia. The introduction of plants to any enclosed area is the most effective way to improve air quality and reduce volatile organic compounds, which can cause headaches, loss of concentration, dry eyes and nausea in both small and large commercial spaces. Interior plant-scaping is not only recommended for aesthetic reasons; it also keeps the air around you clean.

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