Versatile Product Range

Grow Mode's range of pots and planters are 100% recyclable and as green as the plant inside. Our products are durable, impact resistant, lightweight, easy to clean and maintenance free. With a wide range of standard and custom colour options on offer, Grow Mode pots and planters guarantee colour retention against today's harsh climate.

About grow mode

Mode Solutions is an Australian owned company delivering a high-quality collection of commercial furnishings for indoor and outdoor environments.

led lighting

Set the mood and add dimension with Grow Mode's LED lighting options. Create or compliment themes with various colour combinations and transitions.


  • Low voltage
    Low voltage LED illumination for safe and efficient operation.

  • Water Resistant
    LED components are water and weather resistant for outdoor use

  • Remote Control (Rhombus & Loop only)
    Adjust colours, brightness and sequences from one remote controller

  • Durable
    LED's provide impact resistant and long lasting illuminationRim

self watering

Grow Mode's Self Watering system is an advanced and trouble-free method of sustaining indoor and outdoor plant installations. This system minimises the maintenance requirements of living plants by maintaining adequate soil moisture for up to 6 weeks.

Indoor installations

With an integrally moulded reservoir, there is no chance of leakage from overfilling or corrosion. The reservoir level is easily monitored via the indicator tube for peace of mind.

Outdoor installations

Grow Mode's Self Watering System can be simply adapted with the inclusion of an overflow to suit outdoor installations, to protect the plant from drowning during heavy rainfall.

Customise with Grow Mode Options

Our pots and planters can be customised to suit interior and exterior environments. Our range of colour inserts, low voltage lighting effects and self watering systems present as options for customising a look and feel tailored to suit your individual needs.

  • 1. Lily
  • 5. Granite
  • 2. Birch
  • 6. Charcoal
  • 3. Willow
  • 7. Onyx
  • 4. Cedar
  • 8. Ivy
  • 12. Watermelon
  • 9. Mango
  • 13. Grape
  • 10. Persimmon
  • 14. Cobalt
  • 11. Poppy
  • 15. Quartz
  • 16. Sandstone
  • 17. Black Marble

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